Training Plan Package


Personalized 3-month Event Plan – £150 one off payment


  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals, current fitness and create a rider profile
  • Propose a personalised 12-week plan
  • After a follow up consultation, amend and agree on a finalised plan.
  • Personalised plan forwarded via Training Peaks for download to Garmin, Zwift etc.
  • Guidance on Technical, Tactical and Physical training (including stretching and S+C)


This is not a coaching package, and doesn’t provide continual rider support, feedback, and plan amendment.

Complete Coaching Package

121 Personalised Programme and Continual Support – From £150 per month – minimum 6 months

  • This is the FULL coaching package and covers technical and tactical coaching plus the creation of training sessions, annual training plans and associated testing.
  • It provides a rider orientated bespoke coaching service ensuring you get the best possible experience, results, and value for money.
  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals, current fitness and create a rider profile
  • Initial feedback and rider recommendations
  • Creation of an Annual Training Plan – with personalised micro and mesocycles
  • Annual Training Plan and individual sessions created and uploaded to Training Peaks
  • Individual training session analysis and feedback
  • Sessions and micro cycles amended as real life comes into play, ‘illness, injury, family life’
  • Weekly rider review – virtual or in person to discuss previous and forthcoming week
  • In person testing and rider assessment covering the 3 key pillars – Physical fitness, technical skills, and the application of tactical knowledge
  • In person technical skills coaching
  • Strength and conditioning, and flexibility and mobility programming
  • Win Bonus
  • Direction and motivation by an experienced coach, fitness professional and athlete with 20 years’ experience.

Group Coaching Package

  • I offer a range of different group sessions for all abilities and ages.
  • These include Core Skills, Structured Quality Training (SQT) and Ride Leadership
  • Watch this space for more information or contact me direct for group bookings.

Sports Scholarship Package

  • The University of Central Lancashire offers one of the best Sports Scholarship programmes in the country worth up to £7000 (£5000 cash) per year.
  • Thinking about studying for an Undergraduate Degree, Masters or other Post-graduate course?
  • Do you currently compete in Road, Track, Time Trial, or Downhill MTB?
  • As the Cycling Team Coach, I look for exceptional athletes to compete at sport BUCS Sports or para sport BUCS Para Sport (i.e. a sport at which universities compete)
    Click here to see what is on offer and how to apply Sports Scholarship programmes