Rider Reviews

Craig Noonan


I’ve been a cyclist all my life, raced, battled tough sportives and ridden in events abroad. The last few years after having a few bad bouts of Covid I’ve kept picking up recurring illnesses and lost my love of the bike.


Steve was tasked with reigniting my love of cycling, keeping me healthy and preparing me for a few brutal sportives, including the Etape du Dales.


Steve has a great pedigree in cycling as a champion yet at no time do you feel inadequate about your own cycling abilities. He’s super supportive and breeds confidence in your riding.

He communicates a lot and encourages you to reflect hard on sessions and provide feedback and he is quick to respond, either offering sound advice or altering plans and sessions based on your comments.


He’s great at creating a training regime which isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach but is personalised and works in real life. When you’ve a big ride, tough session, or event he’s quick to provide encouragement and some motivating words.


I’m hitting my best numbers for years and knocking on the door of some all-time records. But the biggest success is that I’m enjoying the structured training, riding my bike and feeling strong.


Steve has a great, positive attitude which encourages you to put in that little bit of extra effort and be rewarded with better performances.


He’s a winner and he’ll use his experience and coaching skills to help anyone hit their own goal.

Susie Kirkham 3

Susie Kirkham

I attended my first coaching session with Steve Abbott at the UCLan Sports Arena circuit. It was the first time I had ever ridden on a track. It was fantastic. We were put at ease straight away and went through really helpful drills and skills before participating in some exciting racing exercises around the circuit. As a lady who has come to cycling late in life, Steve made me feel really welcome. He gave me the confidence to compete in my first road race two weeks later and subsequently many circuit races where I have accrued British Cycling points and made many friends. I am eagerly awaiting the next session. You never stop learning and it’s never too late to start,Thanks Steve

Scott Front

Steve has been coaching me over the past couple of months. He built a training program around my schedule and other sports that I enjoy doing. His communication has been consistent and super helpful. When I’ve had setbacks due to illness, he’s helped restructure my training program.


He helped me find local riders to support my training, which has made getting out so much easier.


I’ve managed to participate in 2 road races since starting with Steve and I’ve got one more next week. I’ve been really pleased with my progress, which has included 2 top 10s in Crits over the past couple weeks. He also helped me give my all during my targeted TT.


I would absolutely recommend Steve Abbott as a cycling coach.


If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out

Simon 1

Simon Mulholland


In 2023, I was turning 50 and wanted to set myself some stretching cycling goals. Having never really followed a regimented training structure that was tailored to any racing before, I decided that I needed to seek out some much needed and professional help. By fate, I discovered that Steve Abbott had set up his own cycle coaching business and without hesitation, I reached out to him and arranged a meeting to see if he would be willing to help me.


Following our 1 to 1 chat, Steve clearly ascertained what goals I wanted to achieve. With these in mind, he then devised a personal and realistic plan for me to follow so that all the sessions would allow for a healthy work/family life balance. It has now been 4 months since Steve and I have been working together and I am not only enjoying the challenge but also benefitting greatly from his expertise and knowledge. He has made the training journey both fun and rewarding as I now can see an improvement in my rankings. I have finally placed in the top 10 in a few local crit races!


Because of Steve’s extensive fitness qualifications and cycling experience, he has not only improved my bike fitness but given me a whole new mindset as to how I mentally approach racing and training. We have been using the Training Peaks interactive portal which has been brilliant for me. Steve is a positive coach and never fails to provide me with regular feedback, constructive comments, and encouragement.


If you need to freshen up your training approach or you are working towards an event, I would highly recommend that you contact Steve. You will not be disappointed.

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson

I joined a group at UCLAN Sport Arena for some of Steve’s structured sessions and thoroughly enjoyed them. After only getting into cycling in my 40’s and having only recently joined a local club, I came to the sessions as a complete novice and a little nervous I might be out of my depth. 

Steve made the effort to understand my level of experience and what my goals were. He delivered the session’s in a way that the aim of each exercise was easy to understand and was challenging but not too competitive. After completing the short course, I had the skills to ride in a group comfortably and the confidence to have my first go at crit racing.

Highly recommended. Thanks Steve